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Hi everyone,

It has been quiet around here so I figured I'd swing by to see who I can stir up.

With the recent ~50% correction in BTC and slow grind up I started plotting line on the chart. Now it may be way too early to start speculating... but watching BTC right now it like watching paint dry. So, I'm interested to start a conversation and to hear what others think. I'm seeing what could be the start of a phase 2 Hyperwave.

With time, I'm sure we will know better, but until then, what do you speculate?

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Re: Hyperwave?

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After this weekly close we will definitely be able to speculate on it much more. I think it is likely that phase 2 will be plotted against the current dip we are in, but how deep or wide this dip is going to be remains to be seen. If we start pumping now your line could hold, but I think come this time next week your line will be invalid.
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