Pi Cycle Tops & Bottoms

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Re: Pi Cycle Tops & Bottoms

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It's become clearer to me in recent days and since posting this chart, that the pi-cycle top is likely not going to be valid on this run. Reasons being:
  • How much time we have spent up here now, creeping up
  • Now having made fresh all-time highs
  • All without a parabolic overshoot or steepening trend
...it is in a completely different stage of the market cycle to those times that precede it and where it accurately called the top. The structure today is different.

What I do expect is a correction in May going into June, however not before making it up to 82-90k.
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In my own modified version of the pi-cycle model, I am using the 50 day EMA against the 200*2. It too catches the last 2 absolute tops in the market, but it's not calling a top today. Using these averages, there is now sufficient space (13%) between both MAs (white and yellow) that we have upside to grow some more. The last time the gap between the MAs was this large was back on 22nd January 21, whereby a 109% move followed. I expect we're commencing the 5th wave, so a 30-35% move up from here is not to be under-estimated.
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Re: Pi Cycle Tops & Bottoms

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Willy Woo (@woonomic) tweeted his thoughts about the Pi Cycles top theory.

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