Current and historical FOMO data for XBTUSD
Current Funding: 0.0045% / Predicted Funding: 0.01%
XBTUSD Nov 20230.623%
XBTUSD Dec 20230.646%
XBTUSD Mar 20241.737%
TimeframePrice change*Price delta**Average***
1 day3.446%3.744%2.775%
3 day3.446%3.123%4.954%
1 week3.383%-7.805%8.095%
2 week-7.541%-7.091%12.72%
1 month-7.221%-9.342%19.517%
1 quarter-11.084%-1.095%50.857%
1 year63.189%25.831%306.934%
* The amount that price has changed since this period began. For example, for 1 day it would change the change since midnight.
** The amount that price has changed over the last period. For example, for the 1 day it would be the change over the past 24 hours.
*** The average of the absolute price change.

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