About Tyler D. Coates

Howdy and thanks for taking the time to check out alphanalysis.io! Allow me to introduce myself… my name is Tyler D. Coates and I am the founder of alphanalysis.io. I have been trading bitcoin full time since October of 2017 and 
before than I spent four years as a licensed financial advisor. This website was created to teach money management, technical analysis and trading techniques to those who are motivated to manage their own investments and / or retirement accounts.  
Traditional financial advisors are a thing of the past due to the evolution of low fee online brokerages that offer a wide array of ETFs and Mutual Funds. Ninety nine percent of advisors only know how to do one thing: buy and hold a diversified portfolio of stocks. On average they will charge 1% of the assets under management per year for a service that only takes a few minutes and very little effort. My main objective with this website is to teach people how to manage their own investments as the world transitions from financial advisors and banks to complete financial sovereignty.
In order to accomplish this objective I will be sharing the tools that I use to manage my trades and investments. After doing my best to explain the intricacies of my favorite tools I will be doing my best to execute those concepts in real time on the daily live stream.
There will be a number of respected traders sharing their analysis on this site so be sure to browse around and find what resonates best with you. If you have any feedback for how to improve the site then don’t hesitate to reach out.